US Market Access Center Inc. (USMAC), has been providing international tech companies with fast and successful access to the US and global markets, via Silicon Valley.

The USMAC Method consists of the following key elements:

  1. A simple strategy for startups to follow: 

    Think Big – Stop thinking like a lo cal player and implement global plans… from the VERY first day! 

    Start Smart – Test your business model and strategy BEFORE you invest in a presence and team in another market. 

    Scale Fast – Once you have proven your business model and sales strategy works, raise as much capital as possible and scale globally as fast as you can.


  2. A milestone driven process that allows the USMAC, entrepreneurs, investors and governments to measure the progress startups make along the Entrepreneur’s Journey.

  3. Programs that transfer skills and knowledge.

  4. Mentoring that is grounded in the real world success and failures of real entrepreneurs.