Noriya Tarutani

Executive Director

Noriya is Executive Director of JETRO San Francisco and  head of innovation, and has 15+ years of experience at JETRO in  international business and new market strategy. He has been integral in  projects which have helped 500+ Japanese companies expanding their  business all over the world, as well as 100+ North American companies  setting up offices in Japan. Through JETRO’s innovation projects  including the Global Acceleration Hub and J-startup program, Noriya  supports Japanese startups expanding in Silicon Valley with various  services including boot camps, mentoring services, pitch events and  partnering events. 
Will is Project Coordinator for Innovation  at JETRO San Francisco. Having lived in Japan and studied Japanese for  10+ years, he has a strong grasp of the language and culture. His  experiences and natural business sense lead him to be a key liaison  pivotal to the success of JETRO’s Startup and Innovation programs. For  any inquiries related to Japanese innovation, contact Will at or LinkedIn.

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