Top 10 Other Blogs to Read

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

There are literally hundreds of blogs on startups and entrepreneurship (including this one). Here is the list of our Top 10 Blogs on Startups, Innovation and Entrepreneurship we believe are worth reading on a regular basis:

  1. Paul Graham” – Paul is the founder of Y Combinator. His blog is a treasure trove of information for entrepreneurs. If you are going to subscribe to one blog, this is the one.

  2. Union Square Ventures Blog” – Fred Wilson is the founder and Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures. Union Square was an early backer of Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Zynga, Kickstarter, and MongoDB. He has been blogging since 2003. His blog is an excellent source of insight on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

  3. Both Sides of the Table” – Mark Suster a successful entrepreneur turned investor at UpFront Ventures. Mark’s blog offers insights on entrepreneurship, venture capital and practical advice on running a startup. I am regular reader of the “Startup Lessons” posts.

  4. First Round Review – This unique blog is a project of First Round Capital. First Round is one of the few firms that will invest at an extremely early stage (pre-seed). Their focus on giving entrepreneur’s knowledge that they can immediately apply to their business.

  5. Feld Thoughts” – Brad Feld is the Founder of Techstars. His blog is a hybrid blog on entrepreneurship and his thoughts on life in general.

  6. Seth’s Blog” – Seth Godin is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and marketing guru. Over 60,000 people have taken his on-line marketing class and he has given five (5) TED Talks.

  7. For Enterpreneurs” – David Skok is a serial entrepreneur, and his blog is not only a good go-to resource for startups, but has great insights on entrepreneurship, SaaS and sales & marketing.

  8. Tom Tunguz” – Tom is a VC with Redpoint is obsessed with data. It is a must read for anyone running a SaaS startup.

  9. Andrew Chen” – Andy is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, where he focuses on consumer and bottoms up SaaS. Prior to joint Andreessen, he led the growth team at Uber.

  10. On Startups” -- Dharmesh Shah was the co-founder and CTO of Hubspot. In his blog, he offers wide-ranging advice, with a focus on marketing. There is also a very active Facebook Community tied to his blog.


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