Mindset of the Entrepreneur #3: Just how innovative are you?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Earlier this year in our blog post, “What makes someone the right founder?” In that post we highlighted five (5) character traits that we believe are present in great founders. They were:

  1. Coachability;

  2. Adaptability;

  3. Innovation and creativity;

  4. Ambition balanced by humility; and

  5. Authentic leadership.

After writing the post, we were asked, “but how do you measure any of those characteristics?” The answer is that measuring these things is hard. But a research team at the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology has been working on this question.

The Berkeley team, led by Ikhlaq Sidhu, has created the Berkeley Innovation Index (“BII”). BII has been developed to offer simple yet powerful ways to measure something never before measurable – an individual's innovative mindset level, and their power to innovate.

The BII includes six (6) different self-assessments to help individuals better understand themselves and to give organizations the ability to understand their workforce. The modules of the BII include:

  1. The Individual Survey is an 18-item short-questionnaire constructed to survey mindset of an entrepreneur. The goal of the questionnaire is to measure certain mental aspects of entrepreneurship in order to give individuals and leaders an impression of the strength and development fields of the students in the class.

  2. The Innovation + Operations survey looks at the place of the individual in an organization.

  3. The Composite Survey is a combination of the two surveys above.

  4. The Berkeley Method Venture Score (beta) is designed to assess the potential of a team of founders.

  5. The Emotional Quotient (beta) survey measures an individual’s emotional intelligence.

  6. The Grit survey measures an individual’s persistence and resilience.

As we look at the characteristics of founders, the Individual Survey, EQ Survey and the Grit Survey are particularly interesting. Here are my scores from taking the Individual Survey:

  • TRUST: 7.38 out of 10. This is a measure of your ability to trust others.

  • RESILIENCE: 10.00 out of 10. This is your ability to overcome failure.

  • DIVERSITY: 8.31 out of 10. This is your ability to overcome social barriers.

  • MENTAL STRENGTH: 8.57 out of 10. This is a measure of your confidence and belief that you can succeed.

  • COLLABORATION: 8.31 out of 10. This is your ability to work with everyone including competitors when needed.

  • RESOURCE AWARENESS: 7.47 out of 10. This is your ability to balance your resources across multiple objectives.

  • INNOVATION ZONE: 7.38 out of 10. This is a measure of your ability to work in areas of uncertainty.

Want to find out more about yourself? You can find the surveys on the here.

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