The Global Acceleration Hub Is  A New

Program Starting in 2018

The program promotes business collaboration between Japanese companies and companies in Silicon Valley and Boston. As with other programs, mentoring, feedback, and key connections are provided. Selected Japanese startups are also provided with co-working desk space. Three main services are provided to startups in collaboration with accelerators, VCs, incubators, etc.

Support Japan's companies to enter the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley

Support US Startups to expand their business in Japan.

The Global Acceleration Hub Provides

One-on-one mentoring

with industry experts

Office space in center of Financial District, San Francisco

Connections – Introductions to key contacts in Silicon Valley

Updates – Frequently posted articles about the Silicon Valley ecosystem

Other support

For American companies looking to expand to

Japan, and vice versa for Japanese companies

The program also will collect and dispatch the latest information related to industry trends and new movement in Silicon Valley Ecosystems.

Global Acceleration Hub in Silicon Valley

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