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Yeni Kim


Yeni is a project manager of USMAC, originally from Seoul, South Korea. She has lived in multiple countries in her life from Europe to Southeast Asia, worked in various industries and fields including media, real estate and diplomacy. She is also a serial entrepreneur, actually a one of  USMAC’s alumni from the summer of 2017. She is living in San Francisco ever since, building relationships with investors, corporates and much of the local startup ecosystem as well. She has been focusing on representing and helping foreign startups to find some new opportunities in Silicon Valley.

She has a BA in communication, PR & marketing from Sookmyung women’s university, on the master’s degree in creative writing from Chung-ang University in Seoul, Korea. She has a yoga instructor license from Thailand, loves dancing, playing golf and all kinds of water sports. Yeni is a burner as well.